At-Leisure: Features and Benefits

Discounted D.O.T. Physicals

Now when you enroll in a MA Hoisting Exam Prep or Continuing Education course through, you can ALSO get your D.O.T. Medical Card for the rock bottom price of $65!

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License Management Tools

Keeping track of your license expiration dates can be a chore. We have a solution for you; our license management tools! Free with your account, simply add your license expiration date, and choose when you want to be notified. Our system will automatically notify you that your license is coming due for renewal.

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Custom Built LMS

Our Learning Management Software (LMS) is unlike anything else in use. Entirely custom built, most of our courses are viewed through our cutting edge platform, and not a third-party LMS designed for an alternate function.

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Job and Project Boards

We receive hundreds of inquiries from people inquiring about industry jobs, or looking to hire a qualified professional. Our Job Board is the perfect location because it promotes our licensed professionals!

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