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Alabama Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractor - 4 Hour Continuing Education - NEC 2008 Wiring & Protection


The Alabama Board of Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractors requires that all certified contractors complete 4 hours of continuing education each year. This course is a state-approved (AL) 4 Hour Continuing Education course covering wiring and protection.

List price: $45.00
Price: $45.00

Florida Air Conditioning Contractor - 4 Hour Continuing Education - Electrical Fundamentals


The Florida Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation Construction Industry Licensing Board requires certified and registered air conditioning contractors to complete 14 hours of continuing education every two years. This course is a board-approved 4-hour continuing education course that serves as the solid foundation on which to build the more advanced concepts that are dealt with in our many other training programs. Topics include Electron Flow and Ohms Law; Circuit Elements; Conductors, Insulators, and Safety; Fundamentals of Magnetism Properties; AC Voltage Generation; AC Power in Resistive Circuits; Effects of Inductance and Capacitance; Power Factor; The Impedance Triangle; Voltage Drop; Introduction to Transformers; Transformer Impedance and Regulation; Generator Synchronism and Frequency; Three Phase Operation; Three-Phase Connections; and Power in Three-Phase Circuits.

List price: $45.00
Price: $45.00

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