In-Service Training Program - Massachusetts


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The ONLY Approved Online Source for In-Service/In-House Training Programs
Did you know that if you are operating hoisting machinery solely on company property in Massachusetts, you most likely qualify for a state exemption?


Such exemption would allow you to offer “In-House” training to employees granting them a legal license to operate hoisting machinery on company property.

This exemption is known as the “In-Service Training Program” and has been around for years, but hasn’t been popular due to the barriers to entry.

All of this has now changed with At-Leisure Contractor Licensing’s online In-Service Training Program; the ONLY available online In-Service Training Program in Massachusetts.

Creating and getting approval to offer your own company In-Service Training Program is tedious work, but At-Leisure as a simple solution. We offer a program that is pre-approved, so once you decide to use our program, we handle everything.


How it works:

At least one member of your organization must hold a MA hoisting license of equal or greater value than what is being offered to employees. This is considered the company's licensor. 

Next, we work with you to get your application and paperwork submitted to the state for approval. This is all completed easily with our online form.  Upon approval from the state, you will have instant access to the course(s) and may begin employee training immediately. Employees will need to compete a practical component under the observation of your company’s licensor. Upon completion, your employee(s) will be licensed to operate hoisting machinery on company property.  It’s that simple!.


Benefits of our In-Service Training Program:

  • 90% of the program is done online - you don't have to physically teach the class
  • Curriculum is guaranteed to be approved by the state DPS
  • Quicker, easier and less expensive than getting a full MA hoisting license
  • Employees can complete the course at their leisure
  • No DOT Medical Card or Continuing Education requirements!
  • World Class Customer Support

Available Courses:

  • 1B - Telescoping booms w/ wire cables, cranes; also encompasses 1C and 1D grades
  • 1C - Telescoping booms w/o wire cables; also encompasses 1D grade (also available in Spanish!)
  • 1D - Forklifts
  • 2A - Excavators, Backhoes, Front-End Loaders (also available in Spanish!)
  • 2B - Backhoes, Front-End Loaders (also available in Spanish!)
  • 3A - Overhead cranes, electric & air powered (non-gas powered) (also available in Spanish!)
  • 4C - Pipeline Side Booms



Administrative fee starting at $500, based on company size.

$99 per user fee/per course


Administrative fee covers two years of access to the program and includes the following:

  • submission of all required paperwork to the state
  • printable license downloaded upon completion of the course
  • regularly updated curriculum
  • administrator dashboard to effortlessly manage employees' course progress, certificates, and more

For additional information about our In-Service Training Program, please contact Brian at 617.207.4209 or


Price: $500.00